Young Stud Fucks Skater With Pussy

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Jace and James are sitting on the couch talking about where they've met before. They know each other but don't know from where. The small talk eventually runs out and the kissing starts immediately. Jace is hard right away and doesn't argue when James goes in for his prize. He undoes Jace's pants and pulls out his curvy thick cock to go down.

Jace's cock tastes good and it feels even better in James' mouth. He's a cock hound and wants it deeper in his face. He positions himself on the couch with his head over the edge and Jace piles on top, using James' mouth like a fuck hole. Jace goes fast and deep shoving his cock as far down James' throat as it will go. James gags and coughs and spits from the awesome throat reaming. Jace's balls bang on James' nose, slapping and hitting hard as Jace face fucks James.

Jace wants to please James so he opens up his pants to expose James' wet pink pussy. James has a giant clit that looks like a dick and Jace goes to town sucking the big clit until James screams out and cums. Once James has had an orgasm, Jace shoves his big thick dick inside the skater's hole and fucks him hard. It's along time in coming and both of them are loving every second of it. Jace's cock feels awesome inside the skater and neither can get enough.

After pumping extra hard and fast, Jace, dripping and glistening with sweat, yells out that he's going to cum. He gets over James and sprays his face in a way that only Jace could do! It's about a 3 part cum session with spurts leading up to spurts and finally a gusher leading up to an even bigger gusher! Jace moans hard and finally unveils his grande finale of a cumshot. James' face is painted white and it drips out of his mouth and onto the floor. James got what he needed with Jace's jizz and Jace got to get off with a hot dude and his skater hole!