Wiggles and His Dildos Take 2

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Skater dude Willy is back by popular demand! The fans of Alternadudes have made Willy our current most popular dude so we asked him back for more.

Willy is married to a woman and he hasn't been with a man in really long time. But that doesn't stop him from loving large things shoved up his butt! Willy always stops by with a big collection of toys. He starts out small (most guys would find his starter dong a bit big) and works his way up. He has grand plans for getting the largest one in, but before he can get there he pops a load with his favorite one!

Willy keeps the big rubber toy up his ass as he rubs his freshly pumped jizz on the biggest toy. He's determined not to let anyone down and proudly shoves the big glass dildo up his ass using his cum as lube. Willy looks into the camera and proclaims that we're lucky because he doesn't even play with his own jizz for his wife. Well done, Willy, and thanks for another fine show!