Goth Suck and Frot

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Goth twink, Randy, is horny again and needs an uncut cock. Saint Dillon to the rescue! Randy pulls the Saint's pants off to reveal see-through underwear. Dillon's big cock and balls are all snuggled in their little hairy nest of thick black pubes. Randy gets on his knees and licks Saint Dillon's cock through his underwear before taking it out and chomping down on it in the flesh. He works it until Saint Dillon is rock hard and then has Dillon return the favor. Saint Dillon gets on his knees and services the goth's foreskin. He chews it like he's eating the last meal he'll ever eat, savoring each lick and drooling over the incredible taste of the flesh and pre-cum and sweat of Randy's shaft and sack.

Saint Dillon gets the goth back down on the couch. They 69 a bit before Saint Dillon face fucks the twink. He goes hard and deep, getting his full cock all the way down Randy's tight throat. Dillon's hairy balls are swinging and and slapping Randy's nose and forehead. Randy gags and gasps for breath as the constant rhythm of Dillon's pelvis thrusting into his gaping mouth continues to pound out a beat on the leather couch. Randy flips around again and lifts his legs high in the air. Dillon gets down and rims the long haired twink hard. Randy is in ecstasy as he shoves 3 fingers inside himself to prep his tight hole for what's about to enter it.

Dillon mounts the twink missionary style. Randy's legs are spread wide and he can barely take the full force of what the Saint has to offer. Dillon pounds on, thrusting deeper and deeper into the twink's super tight asshole. He goes faster and faster making Randy cry out for more. They switch it up and this time Randy hops on top to ride 'em cowboy. He grabs his fleshlight and fucks the toy as his ass takes it it balls deep from Dillon. Randy pumps away on the fleshlight and then with one last moan pulls out and sprays Saint Dillon right in the eye. His cum lands on Saint's chest and face while Saint Dillon complains that he's afraid to open his eyes. Randy hands him a towel and hunkers down for his punishment.

Saint Dillon's revenge is soon evident and he unleashes what seems like gallons of cum all over the sorry twink. He squirts and shoots and sprays everything in his path. His jizz flies up over Randy's head and lands on the couch at the same time he showers Randy's hair with a snowstorm of cum. Randy's hair is speckled white. His head is literally covered in semen. Both of these guys got what they came for: Saint Dillon to fuck and get off, and Randy to get covered in cum!