Uncut Hung Stud Shares Goth Twink With Cameraman

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Randy is a hung gender-bending goth twink with long hair and an even longer uncut dick. He needs cock up his tight ass and Sebastian Rio is the right man for the job. Sebastian is a hairy tatted stud with a giant 8 inch uncut cock who loves shoving it into tight spaces.

This scene starts with Sebastian sleeping on the couch. Randy comes in horny and wakes Sebastian up to give him a blowjob. Sebastian's big dick rolls out of his pants and Randy quickly attacks it, leaving no part of the hairy stud's cock and balls untouched by the twink's tongue. After Randy makes Sebastian super hard, the stud takes control of the situation and puts Randy into position to get face fucked. Randy hangs his head over the couch and takes all of Sebastian down his constricted throat. Sebastian hammers away going balls deep into the goth's throat as he moans and grunts making Randy choke on his big dick.

After plowing away on Randy's eye-watered and breath-gasping face, the hairy stud turns the twink around and shoves his big dick inside. Randy is tight and not used to taking big dick. Sebastian shows no mercy and turns his fucking up a notch. He thrusts and grunts in a few different positions before Randy needs to stop and catch his breath. The scene quickly takes a turn at this point when the cameraman asks the goth twink if he's okay. Randy responds that its a lot of cock to take but that he needs more. And with that, he reaches over, undoes the cameraman's pants and starts blowing both Sebastian and the cameraman.

Now we've been down this road before. The cameraman is on serious probation at his job for diddling the models. Like on his last legs type of thing. However, he does manage to make things a little more interesting sometimes and this time we're giving him one more warning without firing him. According to him, he never asks for it. It always just happens in the middle of certain scenes. Both Randy and Sebastian are super horny and open guys, so we tend to believe him in this case.

Now that the cameraman has his dick out of his pants, Randy goes to town on both guys. The cameraman tells Randy to get his dick in the mix and the three of them have a long hot 3-way frot session. They jack and rub their thick cocks together, 2 uncut and 1 cut. Their shaft skin goes up and down with each cock slightly leaking pre-cum. Randy wants one more go at getting fucked. His biggest fantasy was to get "spit-grilled" (getting fucked up the ass doggie style while sucking dick up front). Who are we to deny a twink his ultimate fantasy? Well we gave Randy what he wanted and soon Sebastian is ready to blow.

Sebastian's dick erupts in a nice white lava flow of hot steamy cum. It runs out of the big hole in the head of his dick, past his long foreskin and onto his hairy pubes. He's happy to get rid of today's load and Randy quickly and eagerly licks up every last drop. When the stud is done, the cameraman assumes position. He asks Randy where he wants to take his load and Randy replies, "down the throat". The cameraman tells Randy to open up and the goth twink drinks the cum from cameraman's dick like he's sipping from a really thick straw. Randy drains the cameraman's balls and then moves onto his own. He lays back to let his juices fly. It's a giant cumshot that shoots onto his pubes and chest and all over the couch. Randy lays in a puddle, marinating in his own delicious semen when the cameraman thanks them for a fun time.

All we know is that the cameraman was happy for about 3 days after this shoot. He's normally a pretty cranky guy. Both Sebastian and Randy are sexy fuckers who like things kinky and rough. You guys can come back and play any day!