Uncut Best Friends Jack Each Other and Fuck a Toy

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Saint Dillon and Ramses are real life best friends who have never done anything dirty together before. Ramses tried bringing up giving head in the past but nothing ever happened. Today is the day they explore that side of their friendship! They’re both a little embarrassed and the whole situation is a bit awkward. These are not shy guys, but this time our cameraman had to loosen them up with a few jokes and lots of direction.

They start by grabbing and jacking each others dicks. Ramses is instantly hard but Saint Dillon is taking a little longer. He’s nervous, awkward and oddly enough, a bit shy around Ramses. Once Saint Dillon has his boner, though, he’s good to go for the rest of the time! Ramses grabs a flesh-type toy with a hole on each end made to insert two nice hard cocks. They both stick their big hard dicks inside and start bumping heads. Their dicks are so big that they soon overlap and they fuck the jack off sleeve as their thick poles slide around on the inside. Ramses has leaked so much precum that he doesn’t even need lube!

Ramses pulls out and leaves Saint Dillon to his own devices. He fucks the shit out of the sleeve and we even got footage from the inside of the toy as he fucks it! It’s hot as hell as you see his dick punch in and out of its moist tight hole. They pass the toy back and forth before Ramses decides to blow his load as he’s using the sleeve. It felt so good he forgot he was on camera! We get to see his cum, but the actual shot got lost in the lucky toy. As his cum oozes out of the used up toy, Saint Dillon explodes all over his giant bush. He cums….and cums….and cums as only Saint Dillon can – about enough for 3 men! They relax in near exhaustion, as they laugh and joke about the strange day their friendship took a bizarre turn to the dark side!