Uncut Scruffy Dude Fucks a Fleshjack

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Chubbs is one horny guy. He's always eager to show of his big uncut cock and hairy balls. This time around, we gave him a clear Fleshjack to take for a spin. He took to it like white on rice and got down and dirty with his new toy. Chubbs is always a vocal one and he makes it known how good it feels. We even got an internal shot of his cock going in and out of the fleshy jackoff sleeve!

When Chubbs is ready to let loose, he doesn't disappoint. He stands up and lets the cum fly. Like every other cumshot Chubbs pumps out, his is seemingly gallons of jizz as it just keeps squirting out of his cock. It's a waste of good sperm to let that much of it hit the table, but alas, there was no one there to lick it up!