Two Hairy Tatted Dudes Suck Ass and Cock

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An interesting side note on this scene is that the always smokin' hot Israel Oka directed it. Great job on your directorial debut, Israel! Let's see some more of your hot guys!

Borris and Nestor are two extra hairy tatted up guys who love the cock and the cum. They get together and make out hard, feeling each others crotches through their bulging jeans. Borris is the aggressive top of the pair and once he gets Nestor's shirt off, goes to town licking his partner's pits and biting his hairy nipples.

Borris gets Nestor's pants off, revealing a black jockstrap. Borris quickly pushes the pouch aside and pulls out Nestor's big hairy balls. He sucks hard, making popping sounds with his sucking before he moves onto Nestor's dick. The sucking drives Nestor crazy and the slutty bottom soon needs cock in his own mouth.

Nestor gets Borris on his back to return the favor with the pit licking and cock sucking. Nestor is hardcore with his dick sucking skills as he gags and chokes on the hairy cock in front of him. Borris leans back and enjoys the show for a bit before he gets more involved and face fucks Nestor hard.
Borris can't go very long without eating ass. It's a must in any man-on-man situation with him. He flips Nestor over and rims him hard. He slaps his man on the ass and Nestor begs for it harder and deeper. They trade off with more blowing action, sucking hard hairy cocks balls deep before the cum starts flowing.

Nestor is the first to blow his load. It's been such a long, intense session that his pent up cum flies fast and hard. It squirts out hitting his own body while landing on Borris' head and shoulders. They both laugh and even the cameraman comments on the giant mess!

Borris is the next to free his future babies. He lays back and lets Nestor do the work. Nestor deepthroats him again and finishes him up with a handjob. Nestor's mouth is always nearby and when Borris lets loose his extra thick semen, Nestor is there to clean it up with his tongue. He gobbles it up, licks Borris' cummy pubes and laughs as he swallows as much as he can get in his mouth hungry mouth!