Tristan Stuffs Tyler's Asshole in the Bathroom

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Tristan just got a new camera and he can't wait to try it out. He's always horny so he calls up his friend, Tyler Tremallose, to come over to break it in. Tyler is happy to help out and starts by making out with Tristan. Tyler always needs something new up his ass though, so it's not long before he bends over to let Tristan lick his hole. Soon they flip and Tyler gets on his knees to get Tristan hard and ready for entry.

They pass the camera back and forth a few times to film each other sucking cock. The thought of each other filming and on camera is more than each of them can take. Finally, Tyler bends over to take Tristan's hard dick up his tight twink asshole. It feels awesome as it slides in all the way to Tristan's thick dark pubes. Tyler moans out as he throws his head back to catch his breath and to get ready for the next deep plunge by Tristan. Tyler takes it all, loving every second of getting his ass plowed. Tristan has one more trick up his sleeve though, and surprises Tyler with a giant rubber dildo that Tyler can't wait to take for a spin!

Tyler bends over the toilet and opens his asshole up wide. Tristan slowly slides the big thick rubber dong into Tyler. His little hole swallows it up and he rides it hard all the way to the finish. He's dripping precum like a leaky faucet and Tristan catches it all from behind as he fucks his twink with the dildo until he cums all over the toilet seat. Tristan set out a target to shoot for with a little candle holder and needless to say, Tyler hit everything around it with his thick, white, twink cum except the target itself!

Tristan loves all the cum on the toilet seat and stands up to take his turn for target practice. He shoots and misses, for the most part, but that's not to say it's not fucking hot. Tristan douses the toilet seat with his own jizz then wipes the remaining cum off his dick and licks it up! He's a thirsty horny cum-hungry fucker whose appetite was just temporarily satisfied with a cute little twink and some tasty thick cum!