Texas Skater Twink Makes His Own Movie

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Tyler has been a fan of Alternadudes for a while and finally contacted us with his own home movie. We were in love with Tyler from the second we saw his tight little body, pouty dick suckin' lips, and oh so perfect rocker dude hair. Keep in mind that Tyler made the movie himself and took all of his own pictures. Like with all home movies, not everything is perfect but that's what made us love this movie in the first place!

Tyler starts by teasing the camera and batting his big hazel eyes while slowly feeling himself up until he peels his pants off. His body is a slice of pure perfection and when the underwear come off, he reveals a nice big thick cock. Tyler is 23 so he's always hard and horny and the thought of two men inside his round twink ass is more than he can stand!

Tyler pulls out a double ended flexible dildo and inserts one end into his ass. His eyes roll back as he plunges it deeper. He doesn't waste any time getting the other end inside as he fucks himself harder. It's not quite doing the job though, so he flips it around and puts the handle in! After a nice long fuck session with the handle, he reaches down and grabs a giant 9 inch rubber cock to add to the mix. Just when you think he's going to take the other double dong out of his ass, he shoves the big one in along with everything else!

Tyler has quite the talent for cramming things up his butt. He's filled to capacity as he fucks himself with all his hardware while continuing to milk his thick rod. He's leaking precum now and he's ready to burst. He pulls all of his toys out of his loosened asshole, flips himself over with his legs in the air, and blasts a giant fresh load of twink juice all over his hard abs. He collapses, panting, and smiles at the camera with a sly "wish it were you" look. He's finished for now, and reaches up to turn the camera off leaving us wanting more of his cock and ass.

Great job, Tyler! We want to see more of you getting your asshole crammed with anything you can shove inside!