Texas College Twink Goes Ass to Mouth With Dildo

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Hermes is a college twink from Texas who wanted to show us what he's packin'. Hermes made his own movie in his classroom at night after everyone had left. He's a horny dude and the things he'll do in a public classroom are only a window to what he'll do behind closed doors!

Hermes wastes no time pulling down his pants. The thrill of getting caught by a fellow student or a hot professor makes him hard as a rock and he stays that way all the way through his homemade movie! He jacks his giant thick uncut rod hard, fingering himself and getting almost his whole fist inside his asshole (that's right...he says he's straight). After licking off his fingers, he pulls out the big guns and rides a big fat dildo balls deep inside his gaping hole.

When he's done stretching his hole with his rubber dong, he shoves the toy down his throat going ass to mouth without stopping or passing go. Hermes is a wild one! The idea of crawling up inside his own ass and eating it out makes him want to cum! He lays back, spreads his hairy legs, and lets the jizz flow. It's white, creamy, and in abundance as it drips down his balls and onto the classroom carpet. It's his little secret and from now on and he'll be the only one in class to know where the stain in the middle of the rug came from!

Please remember that Hermes shot this himself without any help. We were super impressed by the quality of the footage and the photos he took. We want to point out that somehow while he shot or transferred it to us, the sound got off a little near the end. We left it as is to keep it authentic with the nature of the amateur scene. We left this scene nearly uncut and did very little editing. The only editing we did was to take out a few places where he filmed the wall or the carpet by accident. Overall, only 4 minutes of original wall and carpet shots were removed, bringing this scene in at around 26 minutes long! It's worth the watch and we think all 26 minutes are fascinating, hot, and sexy as all fuck!