Tatted Otter Fucks Inked Hairy FTM Trans Dude

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Israel is reading quietly on the couch when Cyd comes home from the gym. Israel looks up from his book and asks how Cyd's pits smell. Cyd walks over to his tatted man and lifts up his arm for Israel to get up inside and personal on Cyd's pits.

They make out and dry hump each other, making Israel hard as a rock and ready to take it to the next level. Their shirts come off and they squeeze in a bit of nipple play before Israel picks up Cyd and throws him gently down onto the couch. Israel pulls off Cyd's pants revealing a big hairy pussy and a nice little cock-clit, which Israel promptly goes down on, making Cyd cum for the first time in their long session.

Cyd loves to eat ass and Israel isn't about to miss out. He bends over and Cyd assumes the position behind him as he rims and licks and spits on Israel's big hairy hole. Israel stands up and sticks his hard cock in Cyd's open and waiting mouth. Cyd is a man-pleaser through and through. He gets wild as he goes to town on Israel's cock and balls. Cyd begs Israel to spit in his mouth, and Israel happily does what he's told.

After getting his man hard and horny, Cyd is ready to ride some cock. He hops on Israel, reverse cowboy and rubs his man clit the whole time. Cyd cums a second time as Israel pounds away on his hole. They move to doggie and Israel is so good at what he does he makes Cyd cum a third time!

Cyd lies back on the couch and lets Israel finger bang him. They talk dirty as they grunt and groan and scream in delight. Cyd cums a fourth and final time and then grabs his man by the head and tells him to cum on his face. Israel once again does what he's told and stands up to unleash all over Cyd. Cyd opens wide waiting for his final reward. Israel blasts burst after burst of warm sticky semen all over Cyd. Cyd can't get enough cum and licks every drop he can find from Israel's cock. Israel bends down and licks the remnants from Cyd's face and they swap spit and cum while they make out and moan all the way to the finish!