Tatted Emo Shows Us How He Does It

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Vance is a shy tatted emo with big balls and a nice juicy cock. He's a man of few words yet he's an exhibitionist at heart.

Vance contacted us asking if he could make his own video for us. We were more than happy to accept his offer and within days he filmed his own movie and sent it in. He starts out in his hoodie in his messy bedroom. He's already getting hard just at the thought of what he's about to do in front of his laptop camera. Soon the hoodie comes off and his thick veiny cock is thrust front and center into the limelight.

Vance is extremely animated with his facial expressions. You can tell how awesome his own hands feel just by watching the expressions of ecstasy on his face. Vance works his cock hard squeezing and rubbing and cupping his balls. He shows off his hot hairy pits and freshly shaved pubes as he continues rubbing one out. This is an extremely pleasurable thing for Vance and he takes his time to prolong the fun that he's having.

Finally, after his selfish session of sin, Vance lets all his pent up passion flow out and into his hand. His passion is milky white and extra thick as ropes of it leak out onto his open fist. Vance gobbles it all up, lick after lick with his eager tongue. He happily shows off that swallowed every last drop of his own jizz and when he finds one last bit in his pubes, he picks it off and rubs it into his skin.

Thanks, Vance! You're just what we needed!