Taking It From a Twink

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Josh is a tatted black hipster with an appetite for cock that’s nearly unmatched on our site. He doesn’t care what size, shape or color it is as long as it’s hard and will slip into his asshole. Josh hooks up with Josh Bensan, a shaggy horny scene twink with a nice big white dick who loves to tap ass. It seems to be a perfect match as these two start by making out and rubbing crotches through jeans.

Josh Bensan is the first to crack. He can’t go very long without a dick in his face and soon he’s sucking down Josh’s big black 7 incher. Josh loves getting his dick sucked and he’s hard as a rock in no time. Josh returns the favor on white Twink Josh who lays back and enjoys the attention his crotch is getting from his hipster counterpart. When white Josh is throbbing hard, he announces that he’s going to fuck black Josh. He rolls him over and goes into doggie style. Josh happily bends over and can’t seem to get the twink’s big cock deep enough into his ass. The white twink plows balls deep and keeps pumping hard.

They flip over and Josh rides the twink in reverse cowboy, bouncing up and down as his cock goes in circles. He loves to ride cock and he does it like a rodeo champ all the way to the end. Black Josh hops off, turns around and blows a super thick and creamy load all over his thick pubes. His cum is white as snow and like a gel. The sight of his jizz makes Josh Bensan lose control and he unleashes his cum without restraint onto Josh’s waiting face. It’s a facial to beat all facials! Josh blasts the other Josh with squirt after squirt of white liquid heat, slathering his face and completely drenching the hipster in cum. Josh is a sloppy, dripping mess as he looks at the camera, giggles and basks in the glory of being covered in cum for as long as he can possibly get away with it!