Tatted Uncut Brazilians Fuck on the Beach

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Rick is a shaggy Brazilian with a nice big uncut dick and a very hungry asshole. He hooks up with Marcelo, a fellow tatted Brazilian the a massive uncut big black cock. Marcelo is horny and ready to stick his dick in something wet and warm and Rick is ready to bend over and take it deep. These two don't care about all the sand and grit, they just need to get off.

Rick is one loud dude on the beach. He doesn't care who sees or hears him and he screams out as Marcelo pounds him balls deep with his massive rod. Rick's shaggy black hair blows in the wind and brushes against his tight muscled body as he takes every thrust from his tight new stud. The heavy, constant pounding makes Rick blow his load and the site of all his thick white cum makes Marcelo ready to dump his own. Marcelo pulls out and slathers Rick's face with a nice warm batch of sticky DNA.

It's always a great day on the beach with these two around!