Tatted Construction Worker Pounds His 7 Incher

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We found Ricky working construction in the street. We couldn't help but to slip him a card and cross our fingers that he'd give us a call. We couldn't believe our luck when he called and came in to jack off the very next day!

Ricky came right from working a hard day. He needed to pound one out and could barely wait to get down to business. We put on some lesbian porn for this stud and when he whipped out his cock, we were thrilled to see that he was sporting a big thick 7 inch cock and massive balls. Ricky is part Puerto Rican and part African American and it shows with the size of his junk!

His giant balls bounce in his big meat sack as he gets ready to finish off. Ricky stiffens up, points his toes and blasts a giant load all over his stomach. His cum is pure white and extra thick and dangles from his thumb as he waves goodbye with his big black cock!