Straight Skater Beats Off

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Max Powers is a straight skater dude who was super nervous about coming in to jack off. He wasn't sure what to expect and it takes him a few minutes to adjust to his surroundings and get hard. Once he gets over the fact that another man with a bulging crotch is in the room with him holding a camera, his cock starts to grow and he's happy to show off his girthy piece of meat.

Max slips out of his clothes as he watches his porn and slowly strokes his thick cock up and down. He bends over to share his ass and balls with the world before he gets back down on the floor to finish what he started. When Max is nearing the point of no return, he starts to moan as his breathing gets heavy and his muscles tense up. Max shoots a load of explosive cum all over himself with the velocity of a gale force wind! He's spent and after all that work, he can finally lean back and relax while he catches his breath.