Straight Alt Stud Gets a BJ Over a Noise Complaint

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Tristan is home alone when his neighbor, Blake, pounds on the door to complain about the music being too loud. By the time Tristan gets to the door, there's no music at all but that doesn't stop Blake from coming in to complain.

Tristan tells Blake to take a seat and comments that his straight studly neighbor looks tense. Blake agrees that he's a little rigid but says that he'll be alright. Tristan starts rubbing Blake's shoulders, and at first the jock tries to deflect the the touching. Tristan wins out and soon he's giving Blake a shoulder rub. Tristan's hands move south and he tries to get to Blake's bulging crotch with his eager hands. Blake swats Tristan away saying that he's straight and that his girlfriend is in the next room. That's no deterrent to Tristan! That's a straight up challenge that Tristan readily takes to task.

With a bit of persistence, Tristan wins out and Blake leans back to let Tristan do whatever it takes to help him relax. Tristan slowly unzips the stud's pants and takes out his thick limp dick, nicely snuggled into his underwear and stuck to his big lowhanging balls. Blake's shirt and pants come off and Tristan leans in to claim his prize.

It's no easy feat taking on Blake's big uncut dick. As he gets harder and bigger, it fills Tristan's mouth and throat to the brim. Tristan loves cock and keeps his eye on the ball(s) to get the job done. He's never had a man leave his apartment without full satisfaction and he's not about to let it happen today.

Tristan works Blake's dick up and down, slobbering on it and coddling his big sack. He works the shaft and balls with his tongue as Blake leans back with his eyes closed, relishing the sensation of Tristan's well rehearsed tongue in his crotch. Blake puts on some straight porn to help him on his way before he stands up and bursts every drop of semen into Tristan's mouth. Tristan spits it out all over Blake's spent dick and lets it drip onto the floor. Blake stands up, grabs his clothes and makes a beeline for the door, embarrassed that he just let his gay neighbor suck him off. As a final fuck you to Tristan, Blake doesn't thank him for his labor, but instead throws him a final warning to keep his music down. Tristan doesn't care. He got what he wanted and he knows that if he turns his speakers up again that Blake will be back for another BJ very soon!