Shaggy Horse Hung Tatted Snowboarder Films Himself

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This week we’re trying something new. We decided to let a guy with a monster cock film himself. We’re very pleased with the results and are proud to present Daltronn!

Daltronn didn’t exactly find us. We found him on an amateur site and contacted him to see if he’d be interested in working. As it turns out, he was, and the video you’re about to watch is phenomenal! Yes it’s amateur quality, yes the sound is a bit off and yes the lighting isn’t perfect. But that’s why we love it! He’s candid, he’s himself, and best of all he shows off his monster cock in his own environment his own way.

Daltronn is one of a kind. His interview is wacky and showcases his offbeat personality. He moves into showing us what he’s got and when that dick slides out of his shorts and whacks his stomach, all bets are off. This guy is fucking hung like a horse! He shows us how big and thick is dick is by sticking it limp into a toilet paper roll. It barely fits but snugly hangs there, slowly getting tight around his shaft. He gets hard and compares his cock to a 9 inch energy drink can before trying to stick it back into the toilet paper roll, which is a fail. By this time his cock is WAY to big and thick for something that small! He loves his dick and wants to share it with the world – but not before he bends over and shares it with his own mouth. Daltronn can suck himself off too! He’s quick about it, but he gets a few good licks in before he settles back in to finish the job.

Daltronn leans back, licks his lips, lets his eyes roll back and blasts his load all over himself. He stands up, dances with his cock and plays with his cum. He complains that he’s too sticky to turn off the camera and then realizes that he still has all the toilet paper from the roll just laying around. He wipes off, jokes around a bit and turns off the camera. What a gem! He claims he’s straight, but we can’t wait for the day he decides to face fuck a man. We want to see more of you, Daltronn! Thanks for your handiwork!