Shaggy Skater Gets His Big Balls Worshiped Outdoors

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Christop is lounging by the pool with a raging hard-on when he catches the eye of Chrisbot. The two lock gazes from across the pool and soon Chrisbot can't take it any longer. He hops in the pool and swims across to give the shaggy skater a helping hand. Christop hops in the water and the horny dudes swim around before hopping out and heading for the lawn.

Christop climbs into a fig tree and his new buddy gets on his knees to service his cock. They move it to the grass where Chrisbot licks Christop's big low hanging balls. He worships and cleans the big sack with his tongue and pink dick suckin' lips as Christop jacks his extra thick rod. Chrisbot deepthroats the cock and continues worshiping Christop's nuts until he blows a white sticky load all over his hairy stomach.

Just for fun, Christop grabs a sweet lemon and rips it open. He squeezes it all over his own jizz and has the skater lick up every last drop of his sweet and salty load.