Raver Twink Takes It Hard From Shaggy DJ

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Joey is a hot little raver twink with a skinny body and an ass that needs filling. Keith was a DJ at the rave where they met on the night we caught them fucking for the first time. They're both still covered in glitter and they can't wait to get their hands on each other in the basement where Joey is squatting.

They make out hard, teasing each other through their tight pants. Joey is about to bust out of his jeans when Keith frees his dick and they start sucking each other off. Keith pulls out a Pyrex dildo and shoves it inside the twink, loosening his hole and getting it ready for the real deal.

Joey has a form of Tourette Syndrome that makes him lose control and spew out profanities whenever someone fucks him. Keith does a great job with his dick and makes Joey let loose with the cussing. Joey takes it hard but then takes control and rides Keith's dick until he cums all over the shaggy DJ. Keith runs his hand through Joey's cum, uses it like lube and adds to the pool of cum all over his hairy stomach with a load of his own. They cuddle and kiss and hold each other in the cold squatter basement they call home for now.