Drilled By a Stud

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Thrasher is rooting around in a tent that’s not his. His intentions aren’t good ones as he goes through a backpack and takes what he wants. His actions haven’t gone unnoticed, however. Cliff Jensen just happens to be the rookie cop watching over the Occupy protests. He corners Thrasher in the tent and grills him about hat he’s doing. Thrasher doesn’t want to go to jail and promises that he’ll do anything at all to avoid it. Cliff takes him up on the offer and the tent door gets closed without delay.

Once they’re alone, the skater gets to his handiwork and plants his face in Cliff’s bulging crotch. He can’t believe his eyes when Cliff whips out his big thick monster cock and makes Thrasher choke on it. Cliff’s dick gets longer and thicker and before he’s fully undressed, he decides to give the skater a little lesson on how to properly ride a night stick. Thrasher’s tight little ass goes in the air and Officer Cliff pepper sprays his hole. As his ring of fire burns away, Cliff sticks his night stick in the little hole in front of him and proceeds to pound away on Thrasher’s ass. Thrasher doesn’t like it at first but then starts to enjoy the stick up his ass. Cliff assures Thrasher that his big thick dick will hurt worse than the stick.

Cliff undoes his belt and slaps the tatted skater hard on the ass and then wraps it around his neck to give him a handle to ride with. The cop shoves his big cock in the oiled up and primed hole that Thrasher offers up and starts plowing away. Doggie style leads to Thrasher getting it spooned which leads to the skater bouncing on top. Every which way they do it is a way that makes Thrasher a little bit more loose. As Cliff fucks the shit out of the skater he pulls his hair and goes deeper with every thrust. The moaning and dirty talk gets louder and Cliff pulls out to blow his wad on Thrasher’s face.

Thrasher can’t wait though. He’s the first to shoot as Cliff hovers above whacking his big hard meat. The site of Thrasher’s white hot load makes Cliff lose all control and he cums a shitload all over the skater, mixing his own semen with whatever is already pasted to Thrasher’s chest and stomach. It’s a good thing Cliff didn’t take Thrasher into the clink. Thrasher wouldn’t have gotten so loose and we wouldn’t have gotten to see Cliff’s humongous thick cock penetrate the the tiny skater with the tight hole!