Long Haired Surfer Fucks Emo Twink

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Spencer Kayne and Skyler are back! This time our long haired surfer is looking for a tight hole for his Johnson…and man, did he find it in Skyler!

It’s not long after meeting that these two get out of their clothes. They do some heavy petting through their underwear for a short time before it looks like Spencer is about to skyrocket right out of his shorts. Skyler takes note and happily takes Spencer’s throbbing cock in his wet twink mouth. After servicing Spencer, Skyler rolls over and is ready to get fucked.

There was only one slight problem. Skyler’s hole was so tight that Spencer could hardly get in! They actually had to start out doggy style just so Spencer could slip his big hard dick into Skyler’s ass to loosen it up for some other fun positions. Once the dick is in place and his ass is a little loosened, there’s no stopping Skyler! He becomes a bit of a power top as he takes control, puts Spencer on his back, and mounts the surfer for some bouncing, deep, fucking action.

After the emo rides cock hard and long, Spencer pulls out and shoots his pent up giant load all over Skyler’s face. Not to be outdone, our emo twink returns the favor with a facial of his own blowing his warm, wet, white cum all over our surfer’s face, mouth, and hair. These two are beautiful and fully satisfied covered in cum and panting hard!