Long Haired Twink With Uncut Dick

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Angel is a near perfect guy. His long hair, his thin body and his big uncut dick all add to the final package. He’s a fun guy and you really get to know him in his interview. He talks openly about sex and what he likes to do in the sack. There’s no gettin’ around it: This guy can’t get enough dick inside him!

Angel is in an old elevator and it’s fucking hot outside. He takes off his shirt and comments about the heat. He’s already sweating. He peels off his skinny jeans and shows off his tight little underwear. He leans back and pulls out his thick uncut dick and works it hard. His big ball-sack fills out his briefs and even bulge out of the leg hole making one nut always hanging out of the side. He stares right into the camera as he keeps working his big brown pole.

Soon the underwear hits the floor and he stands up to keep pounding. There’s construction going on nearby and you can hear people talking and sawing wood. This makes him hornier because he knows that someone could walk in and catch him at any moment. He keeps beating off over some sort of stainless steel restaurant tray. He flips his cock up and down, back and forth, exposing his big pink head from under his big tight foreskin. He gets up on the restaurant cart and spreads his legs wide. His tight balls bounce up and down and he fingers himself in his little shaved hole. One finger goes in without hassle, then two at a time.

Sweat is rolling off his brow. He’s hot, he’s horny, and he needs to blow his load. He closes his eyes, bites his lip and lets us all know that he’s going to cum. He sprays his juice all over his chest and stomach. His uncut dick glistens with cum as he continues to to work it. He takes a taste of his own cum, it drips down his body, he laughs with the cameraman a bit and tells us all how gooey his warm sticky jizz feels on his body. Come back any time, Angel. We want to see that thight hole of yours get plowed by a nice fat cock!