Skater Sucks Long Dick

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Daniel and Rusty are two hot guys who just want to get off. Daniel claims he’s not gay, so Rusty had his work cut out for him.

These two start with a quick make-out session before the clothes come off. Daniel’s hot pink undies are a hot commodity for Rusty as he quickly goes in to see what Daniel is packing. Before you know it, Rusty goes down on our rocker dude and sucks his balls like they’re the last pair he’ll ever see!

These two end up stark naked lying next to each other while whacking off on the floor. Finally, after lots of beating and a bit of sucking, Daniel blows his huge load right in Rusty’s mouth. Rusty savors the flavor for a moment before returning the favor with a load of his own all over Daniel’s well-toned chest and body. These two hotties will have you getting off in no time!