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Tyler is sleeping comfortably in his loft bed when goth zombie, Rave, decides to surprise the sleeping beauty with a little bit of fun. Rave hooks up some restraints and calls Tyler down from his perch.

The site of Rave and his little surprise intrigues Tyler and he happily raises his arms above his head to let Rave tie his wrists to the loft. Tyler and Rave make out hard as Rave teases every inch of Tyler's body, making it almost more than Tyler can take with his hands restrained. All the kissing makes Rave hard as a rock and he unties his little twink to let him get to the goods.

Tyler goes immediately for the prize and unleashes Rave's big beast. Rave is sporting a good 10 inches of pure uncut cock. His balls hang low and Tyler gets on his knees to service the power before him. Tyler sucks hard, getting Rave bigger and stronger with each flick of his pierced tongue. After a nice long edging session with Rave on the verge of blowing his load, Rave grabs a magnum condom and bends Tyler over to stick his cock deep inside the twink.

Tyler moans as Rave enters his temple. The pure power of his giant throbbing cock makes Tyler fully submit and open wide. Rave pounds hard, getting every single inch deep inside Tyler. Every thrust of Rave's hips gets Tyler closer to dumping on the floor. Tyler's cock is dripping pre-cum in long clear ropes of juice that dangle and loop and fly around as his hard cock bounces up and down. It's an oozing spear of flesh, raining its contents down onto the floor.

The hard fucking by the big cock behind him takes its toll and Tyler cums hands-free all over the floor in burst after burst of cum that is a direct result of Rave hitting Tyler's spot deep inside his body. Tyler is panting hard as Rave continues to pound away, determined to dump his manhood all the way inside Tyler's asshole. He cums hard and calls out as he screams a guttural moan. Rave pulls out of the twink to reveal a big super-sized load of semen dangling inside his giant condom. He peels his condom off and rubs it on Tyler's tight little heaving torso. They kiss one last time before their bodies part ways and separate to become two once more.