Hey Skater, Go Fuck Yourself!

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We told Jason to go fuck himself...and he did! Jason is a skater, snowboarder and yoga lover. Through Yoga, he learned how to fuck himself up the ass with his own dick. It's quite the talent!

Jason starts out clothed and with a little coaxing from the cameraman, quickly gets undressed. He loves showing off his asshole and after putting a few fingers in he flips around to show off the complete control he has over his hole. He opens and closes it almost as if by remote control, making it go from tight to gaping in seconds. After demonstrating his skills, he flips around and stick his semi-hard cock up his own butt. He lets it slowly slip out and reinserts it twice.

Jason is having a little difficulty getting hard enough to jack off. He makes some not so subtle hints to one of the new cameramen that he needs to suck cock to get hard. The cameraman isn't getting the hint, but all the talk of sucking cock makes Jason hard. The cameraman finally gets the hint and lets Jason stroke his dick off camera. Jason is hard as a rock and twisted into a pretzel. He wants and needs cock in every hole bad.

The cameraman finally takes matters into his own hands (despite his fear of our disdain for the other cameraman who whips his dick out if the wind switches directions) and grabs a dildo to shove up Jason's gaping hole. That's all it takes and soon Jason blows his giant white load all over his hairy treasure trail and fuzzy stomach. Jason leans back, sighs a big sigh of relief, and closes his eyes to bask in the afterglow of his sexy hole stretching session!