Hairy FTM Dude With Pussy FucksTrans Cock

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Dicky is a dude with a pussy and shows it off in this homemade movie with trans gal Michelle Austin.

Dicky starts with a quick interview and makes it clear he's proud of his pussy. He strips down and gets busy jacking his clit. It looks like a tiny cock and balls and his attitude makes you think he's packing a full foot long dong! He's a horny dude and soon he's inside Michelle's pants sucking her fat cock. Dicky opens his legs wide and lets Michelle plow him balls deep. We never see Michelle's face, but we get to see her full figure and her long nails as show pounds away on a moaning Dicky.

Michelle pulls out and leaves Dicky to his own devices. He fingers himself on as Michelle cheers from behind the camera. It's finally all Dicky can take and he lets loose and climaxes before every muscle in his body relaxes. He says it was so good he feels the need to pass out!

Way to go, Dicky! We love your tiny cock and your awesome hairy, scruffy bod!