Hairy Crotches Whipping Up Batter In The Kitchen

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Tristan and Christop are in the kitchen. There are no words exchanged. Their pure animal instincts take over and they both know exactly what the other wants and needs. They make out briefly and soon they're both naked. Tristan is the first to cave and before you know it, he's on his knees servicing his shaggy tatted boy toy. Christop loves the attention his dick is getting and can hardly contain himself! His own pleasure is heightened though when he's on the giving side and they switch it up so Tristan can face fuck Christop.

Christop gets on his knees to pleasure his partner in crime. Tristan's hairy balls flop as the eager oral bottom goes to town on his dick. Christop gets Tristan up on the sink. Tristan is a dirty talker and between his breathy commands and grunts of pleasure, he talks to Christop telling him all the dirty things he likes done to him. Soon Tristan rewards his bottom by letting him eat his ass. Tristan's orders of "eat my hole!" are eagerly obeyed and Tristan bends over to open up and give the shaggy dude access to his tight hairy hole. Christop can't get enough ass. He makes quick and happy work of it as he licks it clean like he'll never ever get to lick another one again!

The horny pair goes back to giving each other head. Christop is dramatic with his taking and Tristan is good at what he does. They slobber and lick and gag as cock slips into throat and balls dangle down onto chins. As a sort of grand finale, Christop stands above Tristan, who's crouched on the kitchen floor and face fucks the living hell out of him. Christop goes balls deep and lets his giant lowhangers slam Tristan's hairy chin with each thrust of his tiny hips.

Christop pulls out and blasts his giant white load all over Tristan's face and in his open mouth. Tristan gobbles it up, wanting more. Christop is a cum hound, even if it's his own, and quickly bends down to kiss his own cum out of Tristan's mouth and to lick it off his face. When Christop is convinced he's lapped up all of his own cum, he gets on his knees and lets Tristan blow his load in his mouth. Tristan drains his balls into Christop's face. Christop opens wide and lets some of the cum fall out onto Tristan's throbbing cock. He licks it up and they kiss the cum away together as we leave them in the kitchen eating up all the batter they can muster!