Gutter Twink and Surfer Dude Beat the Heat With Ice Up the Butt

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It’s a hot fucking day outside and it’s even worse inside with no air conditioning. Skyler and Mat are stuck in the heat and they find a way to cool off while getting hot and nasty. Mat is the first to think of the plan and reaches down to take an ice cube from his glass to put it on Skyler’s flat little nipple. It gets Skyler going and soon he’s on his hands and knees servicing the hung surfer dude. Skyler gets his face stuffed hard as Mat grunts with each thrust of his hips against the gutter twink’s face. Mat is getting too hot though, and he instructs Skyler to get some ice and cool off his dick.

Skyler obliges, and soon he’s chewing ice and sucking dick at the same time. The sensation is almost more than Mat can handle. It drives him nuts as Skyler works his nuts with ice. Skyler can’t get enough balls and lets Mat tea bag him with his giant low hangers. Again, the ice comes out and soon Mat is getting his sack cooled off as well. Our gutter twink is still hot. Mat wants to rub him down with more ice, but Skyler has a better idea. He needs to be cooled down from the inside.

He bends over and Mat grabs another cube. He sucks it down to a good asshole sized piece and starts fucking Skyler with the ice. His hot little sizzling asshole melts the ice and cools him off good. Just before all of it can melt though, Mat pulls it out of Skyler’s hole and feeds it to the twink. Mat continues on without the ice and keeps rimming Skyler. They lick the sweat out of each others pits before Mat fingers Skyler’s tight hole to get him ready for the giant cock he’s about to take. Mat bends Skyler over and fucks the hell out of him doggie style. Skyler moans as Mat pounds away while grabbing onto twink’s hair.

Mat is relentless and continues plugging Skyler’s tight hairy hole until Skyler is ready to blow. The twink rolls over and blows his wad all over Mat’s face, who kindly returns the favor with a nice sticky hot load on Skyler’s face and in his hair. What a way to beat the heat with some ice in the dog days of summer!