Goth Seduces Awkward Straightish Rocker

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Ramses is a hung skinny goth who loves to suck cock. He brought his friend Teddy Bearskins into our studio to play around. Teddy is no stranger to a few bi-curious activities in his life but isn't as comfortable with things as you might think. He's open to some play but it takes getting through a bit of awkward moments in the beginning to get Teddy going.

To break the ice they joke a little about the weather and slowly get naked. They grasp at any sort of small talk they can, even touching on Teddy's sock color. The slowly end up sitting closer to each other on the couch and then Ramses makes his move and moves in to kiss our long haired rocker dude.

Bit by bit Ramses gets Teddy more comfortable and finally they both get down to their underwear. Ramses is rock hard and Teddy's filthy underwear show a nice bulge underneath. Ramses does some heavy petting and then they both whip out their uncut cocks and start jacking to the sight of the other pounding away. Teddy's big hairy balls slap on the leather couch. Soon they're helping each other out by grabbing the others dick and jacking the other off.

Ramses seizes his opportunity and gets on his knees in front of the rocker. Ramses takes it balls deep as Teddy fucks him slowly ramming his rod all the way down Ramses' open throat. Teddy's big hairy sack hits Ramses' chin as Ramses keeps jacking his own thick pole.

After sucking the rocker hard, Ramses gets his reward with a nice healthy dose of pure white semen all over his mouth. Teddy kisses his own cum off of Ramses as he jacks his friend off. Ramses blows a giant load that sprays everywhere including the couch. Ramses is covered in jizz. They joke as Ramses rubs it onto Teddy and Teddy in turn takes it and rubs it into his hair. The two satisfied buddies walk away into the kitchen to clean off their jizzy hands and bodies!