Goth Gutter Punk Fucks Tatted Alt Daddy

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Ramses and Christian are horny, so the logical thing to do is to fuck. They get right on that but only after a bit of playing around to help each other get more in the mood.

They start making out hard. Christian is a pig and starts taking control right off the bat. The clothes come off and Ramses is the first to get on his knees. Ramses has never met a dick he won't suck and happily gets on down to give his daddy some head. They switch it up and soon Christian is taking Ramses' giant uncut cock down his throat. Christian gags and coughs as Ramses pumps away on the face in front of him.

They work each others ballsacks, taking each nut in and rolling it around in their mouths then work their way up to a nice session of frot. Their cocks rub back and forth on each other. Ramses' tight big foreskin slides back and forth revealing precum dripping. Christian takes the delicious looking foreskin and wraps it around his own cock head for a quick try at docking before Ramses gets down on the floor to wait for Christian to get on board.

Christian opens up his asshole and hops on Ramses' giant thick rod. He rides it hard in both cowboy and reverse-cowboy, letting Ramses go balls deep inside his hairy hole. It's a tight squeeze, but Ramses manages and make his daddy grunt in the process. They switch to doggie for the final finale before Ramses pulls out and jizzes all over Christian's hairy ass.

There's a lot of sticky thick cum caught in all the fuzz around Christian's hole. He loves the way it feels popping out of Ramses' cock in rope after rope of pure warm delight. Christian rolls over on his stomach, takes Ramses' dick in his mouth, and blasts his own load of fun all over his own hairy stomach and nuts. Christian is a loud one too. If you ever get him in the sack, don't forget to close the windows and soundproof your place as best you can!