Femme Emo Twink Blows Hunky Musician

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Adam Moon is horny and wants a blowjob. With as cute as Adam is, he can pretty much walk into any room and demand whatever he wants. Today he's in the mood for a femme twink, and Kevy fits Adam's mood just fine!

These two barely kiss before Kevy drops to his knees and unbuckles Adam's belt. He gets right to work servicing the cute musician and goes balls deep with Adam's nice full cock. Adam takes charge and face fucks the young twink hard, making Kevy gag with delight as he clearly wants more in his face and throat.

Kevy gets what he wants and takes it harder. The twink stands up and puts his nice big thick cock next to Adam's for hot and horny frot session. Both cocks swell large to the bursting point and just when it looks as if they may explode, Kevy goes to the couch and jacks off as Adam fucks his face. Adam gets in the mood for some dick suckin' and drops to his own knees to offer Kevy his lips. Kevy is horny and it doesn't take long for him to blow his full pent up load right in Adam's mouth. Adam shows off Kevy's former future offspring and lets them drip off his tongue and onto the floor before standing back up to finish up what he started.

Kevy gets back down in Adam's crotch and goes to work. He's on a mission to taste some cum and nothing is gonna stop him! He nods and bobs and gags on Adam's cock before Adam pulls out and blasts a big creamy load all over Kevy and his long pink hair!