Emo Sucks Straight Rocker Cock

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AJ is walking through the rain to get to his girlfriend, Katie's, house. He's just been kicked out of his apartment and doesn't have anywhere else to go. When he gets to her place, he finds out she's gone and asks her roommate, Rave, if he can come in to wait and dry off from the rain. Rave is practicing the keyboard and finds AJ is a huge distraction. He feels like sucking cock and he sets to work trying to get AJ out of his pants.

Rave is relentless and keeps asking to see AJ's cock. AJ doesn't want to give in because he claims to be straight and also doesn't know when his girlfriend will walk in the door. After a bit more coaxing, AJ is out of his soaking wet pants and finally lets Rave do the deed.

Rave is eager to get all of AJ into his throat. It only takes a few seconds for AJ to get fully hard and soon Rave is taking AJ's cock balls deep in his face. They move to the couch where the rocker dude opens up his legs to give Rave full access to all his bits and pieces. Rave is hardcore with his sucking with coughing and slurping and even manages a few gagging tears as he continues on.

AJ wants to get deeper inside the emo and stands up to face fuck Rave from above. Rave happily lies down on his back with his mouth open giving AJ full access to his warm tight throat. AJ plows Rave's face hard making his balls slap on his hole's forehead. They switch it up one more time and Rave works his magic with AJ on his back. That's all it takes to make the rocker blast his giant white load all over his stomach. Rave keeps pumping AJ's spent cock using his fresh semen as lube and while playing with his cum.

Both of these emo/rocker dudes got what they want and are basking in their afterglow when AJ's girlfriend comes walking through the door. You've never seen two emos scramble so fast to wipe up and grab their clothes!