Shaggy Twinks Suck Dick

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Jake Ryans and Dustin are back. Dustin is in the mood to get his dick sucked and Jake is there to help him out.

These two make out for a bit before the shirts come off, quickly followed by their tight tight jeans. Dustin is immediately boner-stricken and Jake starts in by giving our horny Dustin some head. These two switch off for a bit before it becomes evident that Dustin is really the one who needs to get off. To be fair, Jake had had a big weekend fucking everything that moved, so he just wanted to give a nice blowjob.

And the velvet mouthed dumpster does just that! He works Dustin’s cock and balls up and down, in and out before he lays back to get face fucked. As Dustin fucks Jake’s face and throat, he starts to grunt and moan and gets louder and louder until he pulls out and shoots his warm load all over Jake’s face and tongue. Once again, Jake laps it up! He loves the taste of cum and how it feels getting sprayed on his face. With a big grin, he begins to wipe it away but ends the scene still drenched in Dustin’s man-juices!