Emo Roxy Red Gets Thrashed by Tatted Cub Stud

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Roxy Red is an Emo twink with a really tight asshole and an unquenchable thirst for cock. The minute he saw Lance Blass, all bets were off. Lance is a super aggressive cub stud top who loves to dominate. Roxy is the perfect match for Lance who shouts out commands like “suck my dick” and “take it”. He also peppers a few insults in at Roxy by calling him a bitch, a slut, and a cum whore to name a few. Roxy loves to be degraded that way and it makes his ass want cock all the more.

Roxy starts by going down on Lance. Roxy isn’t an aggressive guy so his blowjob starts out nice and slow with his soft warm mouth gently working Lance’s growing dick. Before long though, the cub stud is pulling Roxy’s hair and fucking his face hard. Roxy takes the cock down his throat and as he does he starts to sweat and his hair sticks to his face and his make-up starts to run. Lance’s balls are enormous and he rams his cock deep all the way down to his big studly balls. It’s at this point that Lance start telling Roxy that he’s a fucking twink and to service his balls.

Lance stands up and barks out more commands. Both him and Roxy drop all their clothes and the twink gets on his knees to keep the service going. Lance gets tired of the blowjob and picks Roxy up and throws him down on the couch. He blows Roxy for a bit, his own giant sack dangling and swinging between his legs as he licks up the twink’s cock. They switch positions again and Roxy is again taking it in the face when Lance tells him he’s going to bend him over and fuck him in the ass, which he does. Roxy tells the cub to keep fucking him and the fuckfest begins.

They start out doggie style before Roxy hops on top and rides the big hard dick from above, sitting on Lance’s big lap while he bobs up and down getting the cock deeper and deeper into his tight ass. Roxy keeps going until Lance once again turns him over and fucks him from behind. When it’s time for Lance to drop his load, Roxy turns around and lays on the couch. You won’t believe the load Lance has for his tight thin twink!

His cock sprays and sprays and spits some more. It keeps rolling out of the tip of his cock and he paints Roxy’s face with his white juice. He douses Roxy’s hair and eyes and mouth and nose and moans and grunts as he does it. Roxy is so excited to have cum in his hair and all over his face that he sprays his own load up onto his stomach. Apparently that’s a rarity for Roxy. He told us that he rarely cums and that usually he’s simply a hole for the studs who want to fuck him and feel his warm tight ass around their big throbbing dicks.