Emo Rocker With Monster Cock

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Jake Strong is an 18 year old emo rocker dude with tons of tats, long black hair, piercings and a dream dick that is about as beautiful as the rest of him!

Jake is straight so he brought along his favorite girlie mag to start things off. He patiently flips through pages before sticking his hands down his super tight jeans to get his junk in place before peeling his pants off. He beats off in his boxers a bit and then hauls out the sausage! Our cameraman was taken aback and actually started to giggle when he saw how big Jake’s dick was. Jake had told us he had a big one, but no one really thought it was about 10 inches long!

As he continues to milk away at his huge, slightly curved monster-schlong, his giant low-hangers bounce up and down. Jake throws in a few choice dirty words as he gets closer to the gushing point. Finally, as he’s about to burst, his legs stiffen, his head goes back, he moans, and his dick spews loads of thick straight sperm all over his ultra thin stomach!