Cute Drummer with Great DSL and Hairy Balls Takes On Horny Punk

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Punk Lucius is back and this time we paired him with hot drummer, Alex Schultz for a nice long sensual session of making out, sucking dick, rimming ass, and hand jobs. Alex has great dick suckin’ lips and he puts them to good use when he goes down on Lucius and his big cock. They start off sucking face but that doesn’t satisfy Lucius for long. Soon Lucius has his hand up Alex’s boxers feeling his dick getting larger. When Lucius peels off the drummer’s underwear, he reveals a nice thick patch of pubes that haven’t really been clipped or trimmed at all. Alex’s balls are a hot hairy mess of hair and his dick is snuggled nicely in his nest of pubes.

Lucius goes down on Alex, getting his dick nice and thick. Alex is a bottom for the most part and loves to suck dick. He returns the favor to Lucius by wrapping his huge lips around the base of the cock that is securely stuffed all the way down his throat. Alex loves the camera and he keeps glancing up as he gets blown and then does the blowing. There’s more of the long stares straight into your eyes as Lucius turns the drummer over and licks his asshole clean. Alex’s ass is little and tight and contracts and squeezes as Lucius rims and licks his hairy sack.

They flip over, make out a bit more and then finish off with a long hot handjob, courtesy of Lucius. Lucius is a giver and only wants to please this hot specimen of a man in front of him. Alex closes his eyes, bites his big thick pink lips and explodes his pure white cum onto the dark couch. With his legs open, the fruit of the their labor almost dripping off the edge of the couch, and Alex’s panting subsiding, they make out again as we leave these two happy and relaxed before they put on their clothes and get the hell out of our studio.