Crazy Conspiracy Theorists Fuck and Suck to Keep Their Brains Intact

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This scene was directed by James Darling.

B Nefarious and Farmer Tom are conspiracy theorists who are wearing tinfoil hats to keep the government brainwaves out of their heads. They're afraid that they're being watched until B Nefarious realizes that maybe Tom is the one doing the watching!

They start making out and B takes off his pants to get a blowjob. Farmer Tom gobbles up his nice thick dick and then bends over to let B shove a dildo in his hairy asshole. When Farmer Tom is nice and loosened up, B slides his big throbbing cock deep inside his buddy. The two of them fuck until B is ready blow his load.

B pulls out and blasts his white hot jizz all over Farmer Tom's ripe hairy pit giving his nut to a true nut!