Bottom Punk Pig Takes It All

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This scene was directed by the fabulous director, Nikki Silver!

Quinn and Jessie just met for the first time today and the sparks are ready to fly. Jessie is a bottom pig and loves any attention his cock, balls and asshole can get. Quinn is happy to help him out in almost every imaginable way you can can think!

They start with a nice long make-out session as they explore each others bodies discovering each pressure point, ticklish spot, and needy little crevice. It doesn't take long for Jessie to roll over like a puppy and assume the submissive position to let Quinn have his way with him. Quinn has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve to make Jessie beg for his cock from rimming and neck licking to ball sucking and armpit worship. Every time Jessie thinks he's finally going to be rewarded with Quinn's big hard cock, Quinn teases the poor little bottom with something else.

As an added perk for Jessie, Quinn pulls out his shoelaces and ties up Jessie's cock and balls, separating them and then adding clothespins. It's ecstasy for little Jessie who begs and begs for cock in his asshole. Finally, Quinn rewards him and fucks him hard until he blows his big load all over himself. Quinn scoops up the newly released jizz and feeds it to the still hungry little pig.

Quinn is still horny though and needs to shoot soon. He crawls on top of Jessie and takes a handjob until he spurts his own load all over Jessie. They make out in their own sticky, white cum as they writhe and grind on each other basking in the afterglow of a really long and intense session of body worship!