Begging Pig Gets Dicked

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Jacob needs Kinky Viktor's big cock and opens his mouth wide to receive his prize. Viktor slams Jacob's face, fucking his throat and gagging the begging pig as ropes of spit run down his face, in his hair, and onto the floor. Jacob can barely catch his breath from getting face fucked when Viktor turns him around to shove it up his ass. Jacob's cock flops around as the relentless stud keeps a steady pace splitting Jacob's asshole wide open. Jacob has never had a pounding this good before and can't wait for his reward. When Viktor is ready to blast off, Jacob hops off and goes ass to mouth on Viktor's wet pulsating dick, sucking on the dirty stud until he pumps a load onto Jacob's greedy tongue. With a mouthful of cum, Jacob gets comfy with his dick in one hand and Viktor's spent cock in his mouth. Jacob rubs one out and slathers his own skinny white body with buckets of sticky jizz.