Bad Boy Pounds His Curved Cock

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AJ is a first timer on camera and is a bit nervous despite not being shy. We had to walk him through the beginning steps but after his shirt comes off, he gets the hang of it and gets in the groove. AJ lifts his shirt and rubs his junk over the top of his black underwear. His hand slowly slips beneath the elastic reaching for what we all wish we could get our hands on. He slides his underwear down slowly, revealing that he's completely shaved. It barely takes a minute for AJ to get hard as a rock and when he does, he pops his cock out of the top of his undies to show the world his 7 inch tapered cock with a slight side curve.

Once his pants are around his knees he sits back to enjoy his straight porn a little more. He licks his hand, getting a taste of his own cock and uses his spit as lube. He rubs hard and fast making his balls dance and jiggle. His sack slaps hard against his legs making plenty of noise. He moans slightly and stares into the camera, almost begging for help to get off. He continues on with his final goal in sight, barely able to keep from cumming all the way through his session.

Finally AJ gets the green light to let loose. He's relieved to be allowed to blow his load. With hardly a sound, he bites his lip, makes a great cumface and lets his sperm ooze out of his throbbing cock. His dick just keeps letting the cum flow like lava from a volcano. It's milky white and extra sticky as it pumps out of his tip over his still clenched fist, and onto his leg and the chair. A big dangle of cum sticks to the the end of his dick, hanging but never letting go. AJ flips his dick, enjoys the playful rubbing of his own jizz and then waves goodbye, happy and relaxed after his first big session on camera!