Skater Twink Takes Tristan's Yule Log by the Tree

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It's Christmas time again! This time around, Tristan has a twink under the tree that he can't wait to unwrap. To kick off the holiday festivities, Tristan takes his twink by the cheek and shoves his tongue down his throat. The shirts come off and Marcus takes a moment to enjoy Tristan's hairy dark pits and thick curly chest hair. All the kissing and pit licking seems to break the ice with Marcus who gets merry with the idea of getting a cock up his ass.

Marcus happily gets on his knees to service Tristan's hard hairy dick. Marcus takes it like a true pro as the cock slides down his throat all the way to Tristan's thick black bush and fuzzy sack. This twink has some experience! He has virtually zero gag reflex and take almost anything down his open gaping throat.

Marcus can't hold off for long and needs his hole plugged hard. Tristan turns around, grabs a bright red Christmas condom off the tree and shoves his big hard candy cane up the twink's tight throbbing asshole. Tristan pumps hard, getting every inch of his cock up inside Marcus. The twink moans out in ecstasy with each thrust from Tristan wanting deeper and deeper inside himself.

Tristan needs to nut and he pulls out to blow his load. Marcus is eagerly poised with his big dick suckin' lips open and ready to eat some cum. Tristan bursts on his own tatted stomach and Marcus quickly moves in to play clean-up. He laps up the creamy white jizz and moves up to share his reward with Tristan, who is eager to get a taste as well. They swap the cum in a big sticky, sloppy, jizzy kiss as Tristan tells his twink that he hope his hole has a Merry Christmas!