Skater Punk Sniffs Underwear and Goes Ass to Mouth With Fingers

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Yuki is an Asian skater punk who likes to get nasty when he does the nasty. He starts off rubbing his growing bulge and soon undoes his belt to reveal his nice brown hairy uncut cock and balls. Once his bait and tackle are free from his pants he wastes no time getting his underwear off. He takes the newly liberated underwear and sniffs them like a bottle of poppers before he wipes his face with them and gets to the business at hand.

When he's fully hard he bends over, lubes up his fingers, and goes to town on his tight little butthole. He starts with one finger and goes hand deep then adds a second and third, rotating and plunging and alternating. With a little more time it almost looks like Yuki could fist himself. Whether that's the case or not, it certainly looks as if this skater punk has seen and done his fair share of big cock.

Once Yuki has his hole nice and stretched, he sits back down and goes ass to mouth with his fingers. They've been deep inside his asshole and oh god do they taste good! He licks them clean, then simulates a blowjob on his fingers before he decides it's time to finish the job he came to do.

Yuki pounds his meat a bit more then tells the world he's about to cum. He leans forward and lets his pent up juices fly. He squirts his sperm all over the hardwood floor. He moans slightly as he's relieved of his burden. He takes a breath, grabs a roll of paper towels and some cleaner and politely cleans up his own mess. When he's done he looks up and proclaims "All clean!" before we leave him to most likely go find some dick to fill up his ass.