Humping Skater

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Declan is a 19 year old emo skater twink with a nice thin body and a hairy crotch to die for! Declan is a virgin and has never even been kissed! We were lucky enough to be the first to ever see him naked and jacking off. He starts off easy, peeling off his shirt and getting comfy on the bed. He shows off his full bushy armpits as he puts one hand down his jeans. He works his dick through the denim and then unbuttons his pants to reveal a mega-bush that's never been shaved! The horny twink peels off the rest of this clothes and reaches down into his thick nest of pubes to start jacking his nice twink dick. His big balls bounce around in his extra hairy sack with every jerk of his wrist. Declan's toes point and his eyes roll back in his head as he gets closer to his goal. As his cum builds, he rolls over and humps his pillow, getting himself primed and ready to blow. When he's had enough of his pillow, he gets on his back and sprays his black pubes white with all the thick twink jizz he can produce. What a cutie! We still can't believe no one's tapped that perfect little ass yet!