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Austin Cunningham Vital Stats:
Height:  6'4
Age:  31
Fun Fact:  Austin is a friend of Ramses. He's a free spirit and has an older sister.
Astrological Sign:  Virgo
Cock Size:  6.5
Cut - Uncut:  cut
Eye Color:  green
Hair Color:  brown
Sexual Orientation:  straight
Relationship Status:  single
Shoe Size:  12.5
Body Hair:  hair, hair, everywhere!
Piercings:  none
Tattoos:  yes
Favorite Position:  bangin' chicks from behind
Interests:  guitar, hiking, camping, biking

Austin Cunningham is a true hippie. His hair, his body, and everything about him is all pure 100% natural. The only things on his body that aren’t natural are all his tats. In fact, it doesn’t look like Austin’s balls or crotch have ever seen a razor in all his 31 years. If you like ‘em thin, extra hairy, with long hair and a zest for new adventures, then Austin is your man!
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Uncut Horny Hairy Hippie
Austin Cunningham
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